Deadloch: The Kates’ Prime Video Series is a great mix of crime, mystery and comedy

How small and quirky communities dealt with sudden murder is a tale as old as time. It’s a quick way to introduce interesting characters from different walks of life in no time. The new Prime Video series dead hole takes a similar approach but changes the formula to be different from anything the audience has seen before.

Deadloch is the first global project for the Kates – Kate McCartney And Kate McLennan – Who is the Australian comedy duo that made the comedic cooking series? The catering show. Her comedic tradition explains why the new Prime Video series is able to remain incredibly funny while delving into more serious subjects like murder and discrimination. This project is sure to get her name known internationally as it is a great vehicle to showcase her comedic talent in a way that is accessible to audiences around the world.

Deadloch’s greatest strength lies in how he deftly blends both dark and lighter comedy with his intriguing mystery. Comedy and tragedy are known to be similar and the series Really gets that and mixes in snarky jokes and heavier moments in equal measure. The tone is immediately set in the Red Band trailer, which shows a corpse alongside somber music, followed by a relative of the deceased saying he “loved him like a brother” despite being his actual brother.

Beyond the creative power of Kates, the ensemble cast does an excellent job of realizing the series’ many big moments. Kate Box and Madeleine Sami deliver exceptional performances as the leads – Dulcie Collins and Eddie Redcliffe – who investigate this disturbing case while balancing their conflicting personalities and personal lives. Alicia Gardiner is also brilliant as Dulcie’s happier partner, who wants nothing more than to have a pleasant life. The entire cast shines and sells their characters as quirky, flawed but real people, which goes a long way towards making the mystery worth investing in.

Another unique aspect of Deadloch is that unlike many crime stories, marginalized people are not delegated as victims of the violent act depicted in the story. Rather, these individuals are at the forefront of the show and serve both the dramatic and comedic side of the show perfectly.

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Finally, there is the idea that the future is inseparable from the past. This is an important part of many crime drama series, as past mistakes often haunt both criminals and investigators. On the show, the past is a force to be reckoned with – just like in real life. Deadloch understands that you can’t embrace the future if you’re still stuck in the past and makes it so easy to grapple with no matter what walk of life you come from.

Is Deadloch worth seeing?

Whether you live in Australia or elsewhere abroad, I strongly encourage you to grab some breakfast and watch the new hit Australian Original Prime video series Deadloch. If you’re looking for a comfortable mix of laughs and twitches with strong intrigue, you’ll love the Kates’ new series.

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