Dark Gathering Episode 22: Will Yayoi and Otogiri Fight Again?

Provoked by Yayoi, the boy spirit sets his sights on Otogiri, the Courtesan Graduate. A conflict ensues as Yayoi calls upon Otogiri, leading to a fierce clash between the spirits. The boy spirit, fueled by devouring meatballs to augment his strength, aggressively assaults Otogiri. Yayoi strategically places a mirror before Otogiri, pushing her to trigger the third stage of her curse. This episode also glimpses Otogiri’s past life, creating an intricate connection to the current events.

Dark Gathering episode 22 plot, release date & time

With only four episodes after this week’s release, Dark Gathering continues to captivate audiences. The show has supernatural suspense and compelling character dynamics.