Conor McGregor is accused of rape at the NBA Finals and issues a denial statement

Conor McGregor was recently accused of rape while performing at the NBA Finals. The athlete has denied the allegations, according to a report by TMZ.

Request letter sent to McGregor According to attorney Ariel Mitchell, the incident happened after Game 4 of the NBA Finals on June 9, 2023. The letters allege that McGregor “violently” assaulted a woman in a men’s restroom.

The letters also allege that NBA and Miami Heat security guards separated the woman from her girlfriend. The guards allegedly forced her into a toilet where McGregor and his security guard were. The letter also states: “Security refused to let the woman out or allow anyone else, including her friend, access to the restroom.”

What is Conor McGregor accused of?

According to the indictment, McGregor emerged from a disabled cubicle, “shoved his tongue into the victim’s mouth and kissed her aggressively.” According to the letters, he also pinned her to the wall. McGregor allegedly attempted to sodomize the woman and force oral penetration. The situation ended only after she was able to elbow McGregor a couple of times and escape.

However, according to the report, she left her purse in the bathroom and had to argue with McGregor’s security guards. The guards allegedly held it “hostage” before finally returning it. She then reported the assault to local authorities.

In a statement, McGregor officials denied the allegations. They also said: “Mr. McGregor is not intimidated,” but didn’t add anything else.

McGregor’s performance at the NBA Finals also sparked controversy over his on-court behavior. In a pre-planned on-field advertisement for McGregor’s painkiller, TIDL Sport, McGregor was set to jokingly attack the Miami Heat mascot. Instead, according to a report by the athletethe man who plays “Burnie” was taken to the emergency room after being hit several times in the head.