Community Movie: Keith David Reveals if He’s Returning as Elroy

Keith David has revealed whether or not he will be reprising his role as Elroy Patashnik in the upcoming Community movie.

On Twitter, David was asked by a fan if he would be appearing in the Community movie as Elroy — the character he played in the sixth season of the beloved comedy series. David replied with a straightforward “no,” confirming that he will not be in it.

In a reply, another follower expressed that they hoped it was still possible for this to change. David once again replied, this time by saying “nope,” seemingly putting to rest any possibility of him reprising the role of Elroy in the film.

You can see David’s two tweets below:

Filming on the Community movie was previously delayed as a result of last year’s entertainment industry strikes, but series star Joel McHale revealed a production date window for the film just last December.

How many seasons was Community?

Community concluded its acclaimed six-season run in 2015 after jumping across multiple networks. The series has since gained further popularity through streaming services like Netflix, leading to a Zoom cast reunion that featured the entire main cast outside of Chevy Chase taking place in 2020.