Command Z Trailer: Michael Cera leads Steven Soderbergh’s surprise time travel series

Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh revealed the official part on his blog Command Z Trailer for his surprising sci-fi comedy starring Michael Cera. The 8-part time travel series follows yesterday’s streaming debut of Soderbergh’s latest Max mini-series Full Circle.

The series will be available to stream on Soderbergh’s on July 17th Extension765 websitewhere you can now see the official trailer of the upcoming project.

What is Command Z about?

Set in a dystopian future, Command Z stars Michael Cera as a scientist who enlists three people to travel back to 2023 through a wormhole in a washing machine. The unlikely group is tasked with making some “critical corrections” to the past in order to make the future, or their present, more livable, just, and humane for all.

In addition to Cera, the project will also star Roy Wood Jr., Chloe Radcliffe, Jacqueline Antaramian, and JJ Maley, along with Ray Donovan’s Liev Schreiber, whose character is described as the mission’s “primary target.”

Soderbergh is best known for directing the star-studded Ocean’s Eleven and Magic Mike trilogies. Command Z won’t be the award-winning filmmaker’s first foray into the sci-fi genre, having previously directed 2022 sci-fi thriller Kimi.