Classroom of the Elite: Best Kikyo Kushida Quotes, Ranked

This quote demonstrates how Kushida remembers her past. A past where her classmates trusted her and she was the center of everything around her. She likes to preserve that feeling of being needed and trusted. Her character development is significantly entwined with the pleasure she takes from being valued and admired.

“I Just Feel Lonely When I’m Suddenly Left All Alone” – Season 2, Episode 8

Advancing to Class A is considered the norm in Classroom of the Elite, but not for Kushida. Instead of advancing to Class A, Kushida has different ideas.  She has her attention fixated on destroying Suzune Horikita, showcasing her coldness yet again. She had previously backstabbed a couple of her friends too who even remotely threatened her selfish goals. Her primary goal is getting Suzune thrown out of the Advance Nurturing School. This quote explicitly highlights Kushida’s unscrupulous hate for Suzune and her notorious approach toward her selfish goals.