Chucky vs. M3GAN Crossover Teased by Don Mancini

After a social media war of words between the killer dolls of the past and present, Chucky creator Don Mancini has teased the possibility of the red-headed menace battling his newfound nemesis M3GAN in a more traditional space.

Chucky vs. M3GAN: Enemies to the End

Mancini was speaking to Variety about the current season of the Chucky television series and touches upon how Chucky’s situation in the show sees his place in the world and relevance threatened by newcomers such as Annabelle from The Conjuring Universe and, of course, the newly-minted star of the killer doll scene; M3GAN.

“He has to deal with that place for himself in the pop culture world and that’s how we really touch the ground with Chucky,” says Mancini, who has been making Child’s Play and Chucky films and TV for 35 years, ”We give this off-the-wall character a crisis that has the sting of real pain and real life. But it just makes him angrier, and you know what happens when Chucky gets angry.”

The Twitter accounts for both Chucky and M3GAN engaged in a bit of a spat during promotion for the latter’s theatrical release, and it was clearly an intentional plan given both are under the same NBC Universal umbrella, but when Mancini was asked about a showdown between the two he replied with a simple, yet utterly tantalizing, “I would say, stay tuned.”

So would that be a M3GAN cameo in the Chucky show or something more substantial? Horror is doing great for Universal once again, and the studio has a notable history of horror icon crossovers, so a Chucky vs. M3GAN movie could be viable. Especially billed as a battle of horror past and present.

However their interaction outside social media occurs, it will be an excellent moment for horror.

Chucky Season 3 Part 1 has just aired on Peacock, SyFy, and USA Network.

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