Brian Cox and Sarah Snook reflect on the Succession series finale

The successor The series finale aired over the weekend and in celebration of the series, stars Brian Cox and Sarah Snook took to social media to reflect on their time on the show.

in a (n Instagram In the story post, Cox (who played Logan Roy on the series) praised the show, calling it “the greatest work experience ever.” cox drove away that the harmony between crew and cast is “really amazing”.

“It was bound to be a great show, but the love and dedication of the crew, cast and writers made it unforgettable,” Cox’s message read. “I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of us in creating and creating this show. Sincerely, Brian Cox.”

Snook, who played Siobhan “Shiv” Roy, also took to Instagram to reflect on her time on the show. Snook said it’s hard to express what the show meant to her, before noting how proud she is of “everybody’s hard working season”.

“It’s hard to express what this show meant to me. The places I got to go, the immense talent I got to work with… it breaks my heart that it’s all over,” Snook said. “But my heart had to be so full of all the memories, good times, challenges and triumphs to even be able to break… that makes me grateful. Being lucky enough to be part of this crazy adventure of a show will be a career highlight that will no doubt be hard to top. I’m so, so proud and humbled by the hard work we’ve done season after season: we’ve all set the bar high for each other, then surpassed it and excelled in every way.”

Snook also said that she loved the friendships she’d gained and would miss participating in the show, before realizing that her life had changed when she joined the show and that it changed now that it was the show is over has changed once again.

“The friendships, the scripts, the locations, the one-liners, the wee hours, the last-minute changes, all the ups and downs: I’m going to miss it all,” Snook said. “The people on this show are a talented bunch and I’m proud to have worked with them. They’re the people I’ll miss the most. I just watched the final episode of the last season of something that changed my life. And now my life has changed again. Thank you for all the love and support.