Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 Spoilers Reveal Four New Characters

The twist is that the final page of the chapter reveals that the tree is, in fact, Sasuke! Fans speculate that this could have something to do with Sasuke’s chakra, but not much can be said at of now. This cameo was already somehow theorized by the fans but was, of course, never confirmed. Now that Sasuke’s return as a tree is confirmed, fans have mixed reactions about this cameo. Some are glad that he is not out of the plot yet, but some are concerned about him losing significance given that he is now a tree. 

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 4: Release date & spoilers

Chapter 4 of the manga is titled “Awakening” and its spoilers tell the readers that Code won’t be the sole challenge for Boruto in this installment. Chapter 3 unveiled the Ten-Tails after a long time, and the continuation of this narrative will be intriguing for the readers. Among other things, the revelation that Kashin Koji will make an appearance has caused a frenzy in the fandom. Moreover, the cover of the chapter features Kawaki’s stern and austere look, thereby increasing the fans’ anticipation of the narrative.