Blumhouse’s new Spawn movie release date window teased

The new spawn movie has an estimated release date.

The new spawn movie has an estimated release date.

This reboot of the 1997 Warner Bros. superhero film based on the Image Comics character is nearing production. Jason Blum, CEO of Blumhouse and producer of Insidious: The Red Door, recently said: that they were hoping to bring the film to theaters in 2025.

However, it seems that the script is not ready at the moment and they will only be able to proceed with the film after the writers’ strike is over. The film is directed by Todd McFarlane, the comic artist who created the character in his directorial debut. In October 2022, Scott Silver, Malcolm Spellman and Matthew Mixon were hired to rewrite the screenplay, which is said to be more in the direction of an R-rated horror film than a superhero film.

Who is in the cast of the Spawn movie?

The film is said to have Jamie Foxx as the title character. Jeremy Renner will also play the role of detective Twitch in the film.

Spawn has been in development hell since 1998.