Blue Eye Samurai Ending Explained: What Happens to Abijah Fowler?

Mizu is resilient, and her ability to rebound from difficulties is the central point of her quest for vengeance. The fans witness her character growth by the time they reach episode 8, the final episode in the recently released season. Not just Mizu, but even the supporting characters like Ringo and Taigen add depth to the story. While Heiji and Abijah symbolise colonialism and the introduction of Christianity into Japan, Akemi’s growth from being gullible to a formidable figure challenging patriarchy is quite intriguing. 

How does Blue Eye Samurai end?

The story of the anime TV revolves around Mizu, a biracial individual who is exiled to Japan owing to her mixed heritage. Her relentless quests lead her to confront the white men who are responsible for her existence. In her journey, she also meets Heiji Shindo and Abijah Fowler. Hence, starts Mizu’s revenge arc!