Blue Beetle star Xolo Maridueña hopes for trilogy: “We kicked ass with this film”

The actor Xolo Maridueña dreams of a trilogy Blue Beetle.

The actor Xolo Maridueña dreams of a trilogy Blue Beetle.

In the upcoming DC superhero movie, Maridueña will play Jaime Reyes, who stumbles into greatness after returning from college. Jaime is chosen to be the symbiotic host of the Scarab – an alien relic that grants him a powerful exoskeleton. With his new powers, Jaime becomes the titular Blue Beetle.

Maridueña is excited for audiences to see his new film.

“If we get a movie or a trilogy and friggin’ integrate that into Justice League shit, we’re ready for the whole nine,” he said Rich. “For me, Angel (Manuel Soto, director) and the team, this film was a hit. It’s all about the numbers.”

When is the Blue Beetle release date?


Blue Beetle will be released on Friday, August 18, 2023 by Warner Bros. Pictures. It was originally intended to appear in the DC Extended Universe, but there have been rumors that it might be incorporated into James Gunn’s new DC Universe.

The film stars Maridueña, George Lopez, Susan Sarandon and Becky G in a voiceover role. Maridueña was thrilled to play the DCEU’s first Latino lead, saying, “The goal was to do a young me and young angel movie that’s like, ‘Hey man, anyone can do that, who looks like you or has a similar background.’ Be a superhero.”