Best Satoshi Kon Movies: Paprika, Perfect Blue & More

Perfect Blue features Mima, a newcomer in the field of acting who was a previously a famous popstar. As she delves into her journey in Satoshi Kon’s debut movie, she faces challenges ranging from a stalker to the harsh realities of the entertainment industry. Mima also grapples with her past and reflects upon her decision to ditch her fame in order to start a journey as an actor. 

Paprika (2006)

Though the invention is used for the purpose of therapy, someone steals all the DC-Minis and causes chaos. The thief uses these devices to manipulate dreams, control minds, and to mix real lives with people’s dream lives. Chiba, aka Paprika, comes to rescue and strives to repair the damage caused by the intruder. As Paprika ventures to bring the world back to order, the story narrates the challenges she faces as a young researcher.