Best Isekai Anime 2023: Mushoku Tensei, Re:Zero & More

Naofumi is a college student transported to another world with three other people. These people are considered heroes who are prophesied to save a parallel realm. However, Naofumi has gotten the shorter end of the stick. Unlike his comrades, who are granted swords and spears, Naofumi is stuck with a shield. Moreover, the story gets intense as the protagonist is framed for crimes he didn’t commit and is banished from the kingdom. The Rising of the Shield Hero delves into trauma, discrimination, and injustice. Lastly, watching Naofumi right against a rigged system and rising to the top is enjoyable.

1. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

The story of Re: Zero is about a teenager named Subaru who is transported to another world. Appearing as another bland Isekai, horror dawns upon Subaru when he dies in another world. The teenager soon realizes he has a mysterious power to rewind time upon death, allowing him to try to prevent tragedy. The protagonist’s overpowered nature makes Re: Zero stand out from other Isekai series. He is just an average person who can rewind time, which puts him through excruciating trials. Subaru’s gruesome deaths and frantic struggles to save his friends using his “Return by Death” ability make for an unpredictable viewing experience.