Barbie Original Soundtrack Gets Multi-Colored Vinyl Release

This Barbie will soon have her own vinyl record. 

This Barbie will soon have her own vinyl record. 

Following Barbie’s record-breaking theatrical run, Waxwork Records presents a colorful vinyl version of the film’s score, composed by Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt. Titled Barbie Score From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, the vinyl record comes after the original soundtrack dominated various music charts since its release. 

Complete with five color variations — Rollerblade Barbie, Beach-Off Swirl, Barbie Land Splatter, Neon Barbie Pink, and Weird Barbie Splatter — the latest product is now available for pre-order via the independent record label’s website, and is expected to be shipped out around October of this year. 

(Image: Waxwork Records)

Barbie’s Dreamland Is a Pop Culture Paradise

Without a doubt, the Greta Gerwig-helmed live-action Barbie is one of 2023’s best outings thus far — and one that will most likely stand the test of time. Starring Margot Robbie as the titular doll, the film has made an impressive mark for its feminist and comedic take on Mattel’s popular toy brand. But apart from the film’s direction and its multiple pop culture references, its original music and score undeniably contributed to the comedy-drama feature’s landslide victory. 

The tracklist for Barbie: Score From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack includes Billie Eilish’s “Bus Stop Billie,” “Meeting Ruth,” and the epilogue version of the singer’s “What Was I Made For?” 

In a press release, Ronson said that the film’s overflowing emotion hugely inspired them during the composition process. 

“The late nights and crazy hours we put into Barbie were all worth it to us, because we were so in love with this film. And we truly hope listening to our score from beginning to end will give others the same emotional, whimsical experience they had watching this magical film,” he added. 

Apart from Robbie portraying the original, stereotypical Barbie, a plethora of Barbies and Kens also appeared in the movie, including Kate McKinnon’s Weird Barbie, Issa Rae’s President Barbie, Alexandra Shipp’s Writer Barbie, Ritu Arya’s Journalist Barbie, and Emma Mackey’s Physicist Barbie, to mention a few.