Bam Margera update: Rehab is going well, I’m talking to my son again

After it became known that he was being held in psychiatric custody, Bam Margera remains receiving treatment and has been able to speak to his son, a recent report by TMZ.

According to the report, Margera’s estranged wife Nikki Margera allowed Bam to FaceTime with his son Phoenix while Bam is in rehab. The report went on to say that Bam’s sessions with his songs are being observed by his therapist and that everything has been going well so far.

TMZ notes that Margera is still being treated at a rehab facility owned by Lamar Odom (who bought three in California earlier this year).

What happened to Bam Margera?

The news comes after arguments between Margera and his wife Nikki. Margera made headlines earlier this month when she took to Instagram to demand that he be allowed to see his son and threatened to do drugs until he died if he didn’t get the chance.

This came to a head earlier this month when Margera’s brother Jess took to social media asked if anyone in the Los Angeles area knew of Margera’s whereaboutssuggesting he may be missing. According to Margera’s attorney, Peter ThompsonHowever, Margera traveled to Los Angeles to reunite with his son.

According to a report by TMZ, police officers were able to locate Margera after he disappeared by locating his phone. TMZ also reported that Margera’s behavior and speech were considered erratic.

In connection with the actor’s recent suicide threats, a decision was made to place him in an involuntary psychiatric placement, often referred to as “5150,” which refers to Article 1, Section 5150 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code.