Avatar 2 4K and Blu-ray release date, features for The Way of Water

Disney announced this on Monday Avatar: The Way of Water goes home and hires the officer Release date of 4K and Blu-ray for next month.

Disney announced this on Monday Avatar: The Way of Water goes home and hires the officer Release date of 4K and Blu-ray for next month.

When will Avatar: The Way of Water be released on 4K and Blu-ray?

The Avatar 2 4K and Blu-ray release date is set for June 20, 2023. Then the film will be released on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD and digital for those who want to own the hit film. Pricing for the various physical releases is unknown but will likely match standard pricing for 4K and Blu-ray movies released today.

Along with the different versions of the film, the home release of Avatar: The Way of Water will be packed with bonus features. According to Disney, more than three hours of bonus content will be included, including interviews with the cast and crew, deep dives into Pandora and Avatar’s lore, and some more behind-the-scenes looks at the film.

The full list of bonus features for Avatar: The Way of Water is as follows:

  • In Pandora’s box – A series of featurettes about the challenges cast and crew face as filmmakers develop new technologies to push the boundaries of cinema.
  • Building the world of Pandora – James Cameron and a team of talented artists combine years of research with their design skills to create the world of Pandora with new characters, creatures, indigenous clans, underwater environments and the hard-tech, no-prisoner world of the RDA.
  • Capture Pandora – James Cameron’s approach to performance capture has the performers perform in a space equipped with infrared cameras to capture their movements and head rig cameras to capture the emotion on their faces, giving them only the boundaries set limits to the imagination.
  • The underwater world of Pandora – Co-production designer Dylan Cole and his team design the marine life needed for Avatar: The Way of Water, while James Cameron and his stunt team devise extraordinary means to bring these creatures to life in a performance capture tank.
  • The Challenges of Pandora’s Waters – James Cameron takes on the “non-trivial challenge” of capturing power above and below the water surface, using a wave machine and current generator to reproduce ocean conditions and underwater vehicles to replicate the movement of living beings.
  • Pandora’s Returning Characters – James Cameron is reunited with his returning cast – Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldaña, Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang. Together they discuss the amazing development of their characters in Avatar: The Way of Water.
  • Pandora’s next generation – Meet the talented young newcomers cast as the next generation of Na’vi and guide them through the adventure of making Avatar: The Way of Water.
  • Spider web – James Cameron introduced the human character of Spider into the structure of Pandora – creating a multitude of technological challenges on set… and an incredible journey for young actor Jack Champion.
  • become na’vi – The cast of “Avatar” are immersed in indigenous Na’vi culture, living off the land of the Hawaiian rainforest and training in a variety of disciplines to prepare for their roles.
  • Pandora’s Reef People – In the style of James Cameron, the Metkayina Reef Clan has been meticulously developed and exhibits unique evolutionary traits and a culture – with new dwellings, new clothing, and a different way of life – all a result of living at sea.
  • Bring Pandora to life – Once James Cameron completes his virtual production process, each sequence is handed off to Wētā FX to bring Pandora to life – with unprecedented advances in facial performance, environments and realistic rendering of CG water.
  • The RDA returns to Pandora – Co-production designer Ben Procter and his team present an armada of new vehicles and human technologies that bring the RDA to Pandora – in concept design and hands-on builds.
  • Pandora’s new characters – Meet the important new characters of the avatar Saga played by Kate Winslet, Cliff Curtis, Edie Falco, Brendan Cowell and Jemaine Clement.
  • The Sounds of Pandora – Hear how James Cameron worked with composer Simon Franglen to create the distinctive music of The Way of Water, building on James Horner’s brilliant score for Avatar, and learn how Chris Boyes brought the immersive sounds of Pandora created.
  • New Zealand – Pandora’s Home – The production of the Avatar sequels is so deeply rooted in New Zealand that James Cameron considers The Way of Water a “New Zealand film”. Hear the cast and crew’s thoughts on the making of the film, including the remarkable New Zealand crew.

More from Pandora’s box (Additional featurettes highlighting specific teams within production)

  • casting Discover the screen tests the talented up-and-coming actors used to win their roles in Avatar: The Way of Water.
  • stunts The avatar The stunt team not only ensures breathtaking action, they also drive the story forward. From underwater racing on Ilus to flying the skies on Ikrans to maneuvering RDA speedboats, the stunt team will leave you breathless and wanting more.
  • The laboratory – Discover the Lightstorm Lab, the backbone of virtual production for avatar Comprised of specialized teams, the lab creates and supports every aspect of production – environments, motion editing, kabuki, sequence, post-visualization and software development.
  • The group – avatar‘s Troupe is the Swiss army knife of acting. They play dozens of roles on set, performance capture tape and live action sets, bringing to life Na’vi Clans and RDA Recoms. They also play Na’vi scale puppets on the live-action sets.

marketing materials and music videos (Marketing materials used to draw audiences to the film)

  • “Nothing Is Lost” (You Give Me Strength) Music Video – Multi-Grammy Award-winning music superstar The Weeknd sings his emotional closing theme song in the official music video for the hit song Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Strength).
  • Theatrical Trailer 1 & 2 – Avatar: The Way of Water used two theatrical trailers to captivate audiences. The first was a teaser trailer released seven months before the film. The second was a standard trailer that premiered five weeks before the film’s release.
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