Attack on Titan: How Many Titans Has Levi Killed?

In other news, The Final Chapter of Attack on Titan anime TV is around the corner. While most fans expect the anime to have a manga-friendly ending, some still bet on an alternative ending. Stay updated on the news about Attack on Titan: The Final Chapter here.

Could Levi beat any Titan?

Captain Levi shows his formidable self when he defeats the mighty Beast Titan, aka Zeke Yeager. When it comes to single-handedly killing Titans, Levi has a record of killing at least 89 Titans. However, in the anime, up until the release of the final season, he has killed 22 Titans on-screen. This exceeds the Titan kill count for any other human, with Mikasa coming close with a count of 21 Titans’ blood on her hands.