Attack on Titan Anime Ending Explained & Spoilers: Was Eren’s Plan Successful?

In events that follow, Mikasa helps Armin release from the Titan Shifter while Levi kills Zeke. Finally, the Rumbling stops, and Armin tries to destroy Eren with this transformation. As soon as one might think that this was the end, Eren shows up once again but in a Titan form. Mikasa, still holding on to Eren and her vision of running away with him to live in peace, regains strength. She beheads Eren inside his Titan and kisses him a final goodbye. This poignant moment marks a sudden heaviness in the fans’ hearts. 

Attack on Titan Ending: Does the anime have manga ending?

As usually seen in the series, Armin remains the brain of the plan and decides to explode the Founding Titan. Sadly, he fails to do so because a Titan Shifter swallows him while he is in the process of transformation. Surprisingly, Eren’s army of innumerable Titan Shifters, who are ready to attack the Global Alliance, reveal themselves.