Apple Vision Pro will have custom Disney+ content including Marvel’s What If…?

While WWDC23Apple and Disney announced that the Apple Vision Pro augmented reality headset will feature custom Disney+ content from day one.

What will the Apple Vision Pro Disney+ custom content be?

The headset’s Disney+ content appears to be a mix of VR and AR. The video shows Mickey Mouse and various Walt Disney World floats entering the environment of the headset user and the user appearing to be transported to another planet while watching Star Wars content.

The Disney portion of the presentation also appears to be promising the ability to watch series like The Mandalorian on Disney+ while also getting additional bonus content. The video appears to show additional information about aspects of the series, such as planets and ships, appearing in a heads-up display. Another segment featured Jeffrey Wright’s The Watcher from Marvel’s What If…? Series giving the headset user a bracelet showing them different parts of the show’s multiverse.

Below you can watch a video of the Disney portion of the Apple Vision Pro presentation:

The augmented reality headset can switch seamlessly to virtual reality via a rotary knob on the headset itself. The Apple Vision Pro is slated to launch in the US early next year and will cost $3499.

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