Anime Like Attack on Titan: Vinland Saga, Code Geass & More

Death Note has a total of 37 captivating episodes, with a narrative that touches upon themes of suspense, supernatural powers, and psychological thriller. It has two central characters, Light Yagami and Detective L Lawliet. Light, a bright student of just 17 years of age, finds a mysterious notebook in his school playground. The notebook, “Death Note”, as it is famously known, belongs to the God of Death, Ryuk. 

Vinland Saga (July 8, 2019 to Dec 30, 2019)

His lifestyle contradicts his dreams and his father’s preachings to never harm anyone. But, he is helpless as he finds himself fully involved in the brutality of war as a Viking mercenary. At the same time, he aims at avenging his father’s murder by assassinating Askeladd. Vinland Saga explores the complexities of life and ideals, similar to that in Attack on Titan.