Angelica Ross Says Emma Roberts Was Transphobic on Set of AHS: 1984

Just a few days after calling out Ryan Murphy, Angelica Ross has alleged that her American Horror Story co-star Emma Roberts was transphobic while on set.

Ross claims Roberts mocked her as well

In a recent appearance on Instagram Live yesterday, Ross — who starred in American Horror Story: 1984 — said that Roberts misgendered her while on set during an interaction between the pair and co-star John Carroll Lynch. According to Ross, Roberts playfully complained that Ross was being mean in between sets, to which Lynch told the ladies to play nice.

According to Ross, Roberts then replied, “don’t you mean ‘lady,’” before covering her mouth and walking away, leaving Ross shocked at the interaction. Ross also said on Twitter Wednesday morning that during a hangout session between actors in which Ross was copying a co-star’s accent, Roberts attempted to copy her laugh, but dropped it several octaves, which also shocked her.

Ross said the initial interaction on set was something that caused her to stop communicating with Roberts unless the pair were in scenes together. As for why she didn’t say anything at the time, Ross said she feared retaliation from Roberts, also alleging that someone else on set had spoken about Roberts and been punished as a result.

The news comes just a day after Ross also went after American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy, for allegedly ghosting the actress about a black women-led horror show.