AMC theater end schedule charging more for better seating

AMC Theater is ending its “Sightline” pricing plan.

AMC Theater is ending its “Sightline” pricing plan.

In February 2023 they have announced a new pricing plan that charges a different amount of money for seats depending on the location in the theater. The best seats, typically in the middle of the auditorium, would cost more than less than ideal seats, such as those at the front of the auditorium.

However, the company has decided to do so roll back I made that decision and instead opted to enhance the viewing experience in the front rows closer to the screen. “Starting in late 2023, AMC will begin testing its latest seating concept,” the company said. “Large, comfortable lounge-style seating areas allow guests to sit back and relax. Also, the recline of the seats makes it even more comfortable to watch movies from the front-row seats closest to the screen.”

Why is AMC Theaters removing the Sightline plan?

It is turning away from the Sightline plan “to ensure ticket prices remain competitive”. Pricing for the new front-row seats has not yet been announced.