Amanda Bynes arrested and placed in new psychiatric custody

According to the information, Amanda Bynes was arrested by the police and taken to a psychiatric ward TMZ.

According to the report, the Los Angeles Police Department received a call from a woman in distress on Saturday morning. When she got to the scene, it was clear that the woman was Bynes. Crime scene footage shows Bynes being handcuffed and led to a squad car.

TMZ also reports that the decision was made to place her in an involuntary psychiatric placement, often referred to as “5150.” This relates to Article 1, Section 5150 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code. The decision stipulates that Bynes will be held for 72 hours to determine if they pose a danger to themselves or others.

In a separate report by entertainment tonightSources close to ET said Bynes took better care of himself. However, they note that she is “inconsistent” when taking medication.

“Amanda has been better lately and has been doing her best to take care of herself,” the source said. “She made an effort to go to AA meetings and hang out with sober people, and she was good looking. The only problem is that she doesn’t take her meds consistently which causes problems. When Amanda was committed to a mental institution a few months ago, things weren’t going so well for her. She was very distressed, worried about her past and her reputation, surrounded herself with the wrong people who were bad influences, and didn’t take her meds.”

Earlier this year, Bynes was arrested by police and taken to a psychiatric facility. This follows an incident in which she was found walking naked near her home. Prompting a driver to call 911, Bynes claimed she was suffering from a psychotic episode.